CAT Vehicle 2014

Today's cars are getting more and more sophisticated in their behaviors, but true autonomy needs truly expensive sensors. Carlos Asuncion of UC Berkeley participated in the CAT Vehicle program in 2014, and he was interviewed by Ted Simons for the Arizona Horizon program on PBS 8 (KAET) in Phoenix, AZ.

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Carlos Asuncion (2014 Participant) on Public Television

On Tuesday, August 8, 2014, students from across the nation participating in a College of Engineering research program capped off the summer by taking the UA’s driverless car for a spin.

Congratulations to Alice Kim from CAT Vehicle 2014, who received a Korean American Scholarship Foundation scholarship. Check out the KASF website for more.

Destinee Batson (Northeastern University)
Alice Kim (Rice University)

How could we design a system to let high-shool students safely program an autonomous car?

Torger Miller (College of Wooster)
Cody Ross (University of Houston)
Matheus Barbosa (Federal University of Itajubá (UNIFEI). Brazil)

If autonomous vehicles need data from the cloud, where should they drive to maintain high-bandwidth cloud connectivity?

Anthony Rodriguez (University of Arizona)
Amanda Pyryt (University of Maryland, Baltimore County)

Complex maneuvers need more than one kind of controller, so we must design a way to safely switch between them.

Carlos Asuncion (University of California, Berkeley)
Rachel Powers (University of Arizona)

Do you really need that $80,000 sensor to drive your autonomous car? How cheap can you go?

Amanda Pyryt of the University of Maryland Baltimore County was a participant in the 2014 in the Cat Vehicle REU at the University of Arizona. Check out how she describes what her experience was like as part of the REU program, and her project on switched control for driverless cars. 

Amanda Pyryt, University of Maryland Baltimore County

Torger Miller of the College of Wooster was a participant in the 2014 Cat Vehicle REU at the University of Arizona. In this article he describes his project, and the experience he had in Tucson.

Torger Miller, College of Wooster

How can you design experiments that High School students (with no coding experience) can do on a full-sized car? That's what Destinee Batson of Northeastern University studied in Summer 2014 for the CAT Vehicle REU at the University of Arizona. 

Destinee Batson, Northeastern University