CAT Vehicle 2017

Khalil Anderson (University of Maryland, Baltimore County)
Marti Hands (Texas Tech University)
Lauren Lusk (University of Oklahoma)

In this project, students measured the occupancy of the TV white space and performed simulation to show how a network using this band performs under the multiple scenario of everyday driving.

Christopher Alicea-Nieves (Interamerican University of Puerto Rico, Bayamon Campus)
Kaitlyn Oura (University of Arizona)
William Silloway (Kennesaw State University)

In this project, students created a high-level domain-specific modeling language for non-experts to design behaviors and run them on an automated vehicle.

Niamke Giraud (University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth)
George Gunter (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
Yuriy Slashchev (Stony Brook University)

This project aims to detect and track other vehicles with increased precision using LIDAR and create a better model of traffic flow.

CAT Vehicle 2019

Brandon Dominique (New Jersey Institute of Technology)

Daniel Fishbein (Missouri State University)
 Kreienkamp (University of Notre Dame)

Alex Day (Clarion University of Pennsylvania)
Sam Hum (Colorado College)
Riley Wagner
 (the University of Arizona)

Eric Av (Gonzaga University)
Hoang Huynh (Georgia State University-Perimeter College)
John Nguyen (University of Minnesota, Twin Cities)

Brandon Dominique's experience: A brief overview of the work that I did at the University of Arizona for their student-led self driving car project, the CAT Vehicle.