Application Step 2: Additional Materials

This is Part 2 of the application process: you must also fill out the CISE REU Common online application form for Arizona, if you have not done so already. You can revisit this page at any time to upload your application materials, but please only fill out the form one time. Please make sure you press "Upload" after specifying the two files in the form below, prior to pressing the "Submit" button.

Update: If the form fails to submit and provides the error message(s) "Statement of Purpose Field is Required" and/or "Transcript Field is Required", then add your files but do not press the upload button. This is a documented problem with the latest version of our web server.

The CAT Vehicle REU Site focuses on the intersection of many different technologies. In 2020, the application domain of Autonomous Systems will be the primary application domain. All participants will have an opportunity to engage with research topics in Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence as well.
Your statement of interest has no minimum or maximum page limit, but should be a first-person description of your own career and technical goals. We will have your entire transcript and other records, so this is the chance you have to tell us what you see in your future, or things about your life that are not revealed in those materials. You should discuss why you think autonomy is a compelling application for your summer research.
Your transcript need not be officially stamped, though official transcripts can be scanned and then submitted. The transcript should provide all your enrollment information through the current term, including your current class enrollment. You may be asked to provide an official transcript and proof of enrollment upon acceptance.
Prior to the recommendation deadline, we must receive at least two (2) letters of reference, and at least one (1) letter must come from faculty who can address your potential for research in engineering, software, or mathematics. Letters should be from faculty who can speak to your technical capabilites and research potential. If your GPA is near the minimum requirement, then we recommend that you have a letter from a previous research supervisor, who can speak to your demonstrated ability to do research. If you later decide to change the name or details of a referrer, it is OK as long as that referrer submits the letter and provides your information.