CAT Vehicle 2016

Carrie Smith (Seattle University)
Tyler Sypherd (Arizona State University)

Radar has many uses today---and that's a problem when one radar system starts to interfere with another one! This project aims to determine how to let automative radar coexist with other applications.

Emily Sheetz (Monmouth College)
Timothy Tadros (Dartmouth College)

Cars are really complicated systems, but sometimes we can treat them like simple systems. How can we know when to think of them as simple?

Nathaniel Hamilton (Lipscomb University)
R’mani Haulcy (Yale University)

What if an autonomous car could make driving easier for vehicles with regular human drivers, too?

Anu Deodhar (University of Oregon)
Swati Munjal (University of Arizona)

Everyone agrees that autonomous vehicles should be safer than regular vehicles, but how do we know if they actually will? This project works on the application of safety verification tools to ground vehicles.

Anthoney Arkadie (Western State Colorado University)
Bryan Wieger (University of California, Berkeley)

Future autonomy may depend on vehicles telling one another where they are. But how can we kow if they are telling the truth?