Why am I getting emails to complete my application?

I already filled out the application: why am I getting emails about filling out Part 2?

Our application requires 2 pieces:

  1. The Google Form, a common REU Site application form that has a billion questions and lots of places to fill out fields and select from dropdown boxes.
  2. Part 2, which permits you to provide a statement of purpose, your unofficial transcript, and the names/emails of letter writers.

For reasons that aren't worth explaining, we have to have a 2 phase process. Unfortunately, it's not always easy to see that you need to do part 2, so we send reminders if we find a name in Part 1 that doesn't have a Part 2 submission.

If you accidentally filled out Part 1 more than once, then you will get a reminder email for the extra Part 1 submissions, unless we get lucky and pull out those submissions.