Look! No Hands! Would you use a self-driving car?

As part of KGUN9's continuing project "Operation Safe Roads" reporters looked at how college students are learning to program cars that will probably be in your future. In a parking lot, a car, and the college students running it, are building the skills to move self-driving cars from an experiment to an everyday appliance you'd trust with your life.  They're engineering students from a long list of universities gathered at University of Arizona for a special summer program through the National Science Foundation. University of Alabama student Landon Bentley remembers when it was an achievement just to program a car to stay in a straight line.  “I think when a car can merge onto the Interstate, go through stop and go traffic and come back out without having any human interaction I think that would be quite the feat. We can do some of those steps individually. But I think when that whole process is streamlined that, we'll be there." Read more ...

CAT Vehicle 2019

Brandon Dominique (New Jersey Institute of Technology)

Daniel Fishbein (Missouri State University)
 Kreienkamp (University of Notre Dame)

Alex Day (Clarion University of Pennsylvania)
Sam Hum (Colorado College)
Riley Wagner
 (the University of Arizona)

Eric Av (Gonzaga University)
Hoang Huynh (Georgia State University-Perimeter College)
John Nguyen (University of Minnesota, Twin Cities)

Brandon Dominique's experience: A brief overview of the work that I did at the University of Arizona for their student-led self driving car project, the CAT Vehicle.