CatVehicle paper at ACM Mid-Southeast Conference

Congratulations to Tarif Haque, Joanne De Los Santos, and Duc Lam on the acceptance of their paper titled "A Mobile Interface designed for the Safety Verification of Autonomous Vehicle Trajectories" at the 2014 ACM Mid-Southeast Conference.

Abstract: Safety verification of autonomous vehicle (AV) trajectories poses a significant research problem. This presentation introduces a mobile interface that facilitates safe interaction between a human and an autonomous vehicle. This is achieved through a user interface that allows for the specification of a series of waypoints for an AV to follow. To verify the safety of human-input trajectories, a series of runtime checks are performed on the path of points. Specifically, the interface limits the travel distance from an initial location and reduces sharp turns by limiting the heading angle between points on the trajectory. The interface delegates low-level control to the vehicle, while giving the user the ability to control the car safely. MATLAB simulations and tests performed on the Cognitive and Autonomous Test Vehicle (CATVehicle) at the University of Arizona were used to verify the generated trajectories and our safety verification techniques.