CatVehicle 2013 participants PJ Morley, Alex Warren, and Ethan Rabb were recently notified that their paper titled "Generating a ROS/JAUS Bridge for an Autonomous Ground Vehicle" was accepted for publication at the 13th Workshop on Domain-Specific Modeling, held with SPLASH 2013.

PJ Morley presenting his paper at the 13th Workshop on Domain-Specific Modeling

PJ Morely was a researcher in CatVehicle 2013, and after his research experience he wrote this Car Lust blog entry titled "Engineering a Driverless Vehicle."

Alex Warren of the University of Arizona worked on ways to integrate machine learning to improve the accuracy of a CAT Vehicle simulator.

PJ Morley of The University of Akron was a participant in the 2013 Cat Vehicle REU at the University of Arizona. In this video he describes his project, and the experience he had in Tucson.

Ethan Rabb of Washington University in St. Louis talks in this video about how to bridge software platforms for improved access to CAT Vehicle interfaces

Researchers: Alex Warren, Ethan Rabb, PJ Morley

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